Traditional literature

In my class we are learning about traditional literature the categories are myths, tall tales, legends, fables, and folktales. I chose to write about a myth called Perseus and Medusa. The topic is the evil king gives Perseus a mission that seems to be impossible so the evil king can force Perseus`s mother to marry him. Perseus must use his mind and his strength to save his mother. pattern of events is Perseus used a step-by-step proses to complete his mission. First he got the shield of Athena. Next he got the sickle from Hermes.  He uses the shield to find the head and the sickle to remove it. and brings the head to the king who turns to stone. The theme is Perseus uses his mind to use the shield as a mirror to kill Medusa and defeat the king. That is what I am learning.

Two Bad Ants

One day I was digging in my tunnel when I heard that someone found a crystal. I went down and saw the queen eat the crystal .She said,” This is the best thing I ever had! Bring me more of these crystals.” I followed the scout who found the crystals. We went through the forest and when we found the hill it was hard to climb, we found a hole and climbed in. When we got inside we looked up and there was no sky but we looked around and found the crystals. We each took one and left. But I noticed two ants stayed behind. I knew  those two ants would stay whatever happens to them they deserve. Back at home the queen was very pleased with us. When she is happy everyone is happy. The next day she ran out of the crystals so we went back and got the crystals and this time the ants came home and everyone is happy.